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Global Reach

We have the ability to localize and target gamers in nine countries across Europe, a massive presence in the UK & US, and access to South America and beyond.

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270m Consumers

Whether you need 500 responses in 2 weeks, or 10,000 every month, we have the capabilities to bring you answers, at the speed you need them.

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Natural Targeting

Collect feedback directly from audiences at Vox Media and the Gamer network. Whatever your genre, we can target fans reading about games in the same space.



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Want to research consumers on Vox Media or Gamer Network for product or marketing decisions?

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What do you want to know?

At the core of our research framework is Natural Targeting. This means that we collect research by targeting gamers in places they naturally spend time. Our network of websites across Vox Media and Gamer Network allow us target consumers in tech and media, food, sports, fashion, and of course, gaming.


See if you fit within our research network.